7 things about me {blog party}

I was inspired by my new blogging friend Erika from the Etsy shop Rouge & Whimsy  {along with the original  to, once again, bombard me readers with random get-to-know-me questions in hopes of when, someday in the future, I met a blogging friend we'll already know each other because of these types of blog posts. Am I the only one whose goal is the same when we do these blog parties? No? All right then, moving on... 

7 Places I Would Like to Visit 
1. Africa -- As always, it's the first on my list; I can't wait to go {Lord willing}!!  
2. Ireland -- I'm a 4th generation Irishman {woman?} so that's a duh. 
3. Czech Republic -- I'm also a third generation Czechoslovakian as well; Can you tell I want to go to my family's birth places? 
4. Paris -- just because I want to say I've been there...and because I want to take a picture of the Eiffel tower at night.

5. All 50 states would be pretty nice. I feel a RV trip coming on in my retirement years; who's with me?
6. A handmade market, like Creative Estates or Queen Bee Market. I could do some serious damage to my non-existent bank account.  
7. The beach -- such a lame answer but I love <3 the beach like whoa. 

7 Things I Would Like to Make
1. This camera strap {which I can't find a link for, grrr}... 

2. ...along with this flat iron cover from the same person, my blogging role model Raechel. She's crafty beyond belief. I've also got a person in mind I'm gonna make this for ::hint hint:: ;)
3. This AWESOME canvas by Lindsey -- so fun & customizable!
4. This Gussy organizer -- I'm forever making little to-do lists for post ideas & I'd love to have them all in one place to reference. 
5. A driftwood star -- Lindsey's done it again with another great idea; what a good idea for all that driftwood you collect on summer vacays
6. Crayon art -- First saw this on Pinterest & fell in love; a great way to use up old crayon bits. 
7. Ruffled Scarf tutorial -- I've looked at this tutorial for a year now trying to get up the courage to use elastic thread & jersey material. So far I'm thisclose to doing it...

7 People I'd Like to Meet (Dead or Alive)

All my blog readers would HAVE to fill up this; I'm pretty sure that I would DIE if I meet Raechel, Keight, Davene, Emily Joy,  Ruthanne, Gussy or Ilene...just to name a few Or, to be exact, 7! I totes didn't plan that one; I'm not that clever.

7 Things I Would Like to Own
1. A summer house...on the beach, of course! 

2. A Ford. Preferably an Escape or an Explorer but any Ford will do!3. My own business -- a coffee shop or handmade biz maybe? I'm not crafty but I want to be one of the cool people that has their own booming business at home.
4. An upgraded camera -- Maybe a Ti or anything with a D after it? But first I must  

5. A regular house & all I need to decorate it with aka money
6. A unlimited gift card to Target & Old navy because I need some jeans like WHOA for the Fall. 
7. Season tickets to ECU games -- something I'm looking forward to when I go to ECU is going to be able to go to games each weekend.  

7 Things That Annoy Me

1. Blogger's that make everything sound like rainbows & unicorns & Skittles. -- Homegirl knows that people want to be uplifting but sometimes you get to feeling down when you read all about their "perfect" life. But! That's a whole 'nother post, friend.
2. People chewing gum; it's gross & unhuman to me.
3. Cursing in books & film -- It's one thing to curse out loud, but in a book?! Really, come on.
4. Textures -- Velvet creeps me out & I can't touch anything slick...Sand bugs me & I can't stand anything sticky on my hands.
5. Loud things -- Yelling & the TV turned up wayyy loud bug me so bad.
6. In relation to #5, people that can't hear -- I hate saying everything 2 or 3 times.
7. The Internet not working. We have people on the moon but can't have Internet sometime?! I thought we were better than that.

7 Films I Love
1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
2. Iron Man 1 and 2
3. Tangled
4. The Spiderman Trilogy -- that's where my nickname SA came from {from Peter calling Mary Jane "MJ" all the time, thankyouverymuch}
5. Back to the Future trilogy
6. Day After Tomorrow
7. National Treasure 1 and 2 

7 Funny Words

1. Peeps
2. Any coffee related word - I feel so stupid saying it because I'm deathly afraid of being laughed at because I said something a funny way. Plus, they're just weird words.
3. Thug {and on that note...Gangster is pretty funny too}
4. Precocious
5. Surprise {for the record, I LOVE <3 surprises I just can't spell it. that "r" throws me off.}
6. Schedule {again, the "c" and the "h" throw me off!}
7. Comfortable -- To this day I can't say that word right; I say comfy instead. 

About a billion bonus points to you if you got through all this; you are forever my friend. ;)

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