Brittany & Ethan {7.30.11}

A week ago on Sunday one of my favorite "grown-up" friends, Brittany, got married in one of the prettiest ceremonies I've seen to her boyfriend of 3 yrs, Ethan. I say grown up friend because as I was growing up, she was one of the big kids in my eyes. I was friends with her little sis Kaley {who's now moved to BFF status in my book} but I always stole away moments to just stand beside Brittany because she was THAT COOL, ya'll.

When I heard she was engaged, I was all like "No she's not." It was just yesterday I was running up to her & jumping into her arms. It was for real, though, and one of the most beautiful engagement stories I've heard, so I was super excited to see her get married & live happily ever after with Ethan. :)

The ceremony itself was awesome, just like Brittany & Ethan. It was so...them, if you get what I'm saying. It was so God honoring as well! It also told me that I love weddings &dream about my wedding scheme. I did take my camera in but had a blocked view so I didn't actually take any pictures, but I went picture crazy at the reception. 

Gazing out the window at...something. {Grey, Burton, & Davidson.}
I didn't get for the cake but it was so pretty, ya'll.

The cake topper. Again, adorbable!! 

One of my friends {shout out to Margaret!} saw me taking this picture & said "That's why you take such great pictures; I never would've thought of that!" It made my day, you guys. :)

Is she not GORGEOUS?! For reals. 


Randoms from outside on the balcony where it was only a 110 degrees. Dude, it was HOT!

When the bridal party arrived we stood out on the balcony & cheered. so. loud. What can we say? We love Brittany & Ethan!

The view from the balcony:

Miss Katherine, the wedding planner.

There was refreshing lemonade & iced tea though!

Here they come!!

The photo/video people where all ready, & we cheered each time a couple came walking up the steps.

The groom's parents

All the groomsmen/bridemaids

Cameras were poised & ready...

...introducing Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Ayers!!

Once the bride & groom arrived we got to eat {finally}! It was pretty good food...but they had Shrimp & Grits so I automatically liked it. ;)

The line was super long so ppl stole my camera & took pictures of each other's eyeballs. Yes, we're weird.

Right as we were getting ready to leave Brittany called me over to their table and told me to get a picture of one of the CUTEST things I've ever seen: bride & groom choco-covered strawberries. Adorable!!

Congrats to Brittany & Ethan!!

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