memories of the beach {a guest post by Meredith}

Ya'll. This girl named Meredith? She writes some of the best posts I've read...and I've read a lot because I'm a blogging junkie. But we weren't talking about that, were we? No. Like I said, this girl is amazing; I literally LOL'd when I read this post and I'm 100% sure you will too. Take it away, Mere {I call her that because we're friends. Be jealous.}

        Ahh, the beach. It's kind of wonderful, no? I mean, who goes to the beach thinking “I really wish I wasn't going to the beach?” (If you just said “I do,” go visit a mental hospital or something.) The beach is fantastic. I would know, I just went to the beach! I'm pretty much experienced in the art of...beaching. 

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      But, as experienced as I may be, I have never been able to achieve any level of beachy cuteness. I need to know how those girls do it. You know the ones. The ones with the perfect hair, the perfect tan, and a cute nautical themed outfit that's, well, perfect? I usually end up looking like a freckled tomato. And forget keeping my hair in place. It usually ends up in my mouth. Take my advice, if you need beachy fashion help, ask the girl in that picture. Not me.

     Moving on. Trips to the beach are lovely. There's something about the salty breeze and the sound of the waves that makes me want to just plop down on the soft sand and sleep. Going to the beach is the vacation of all vacations. Leaving footprints in the sand, gathering sea shells, feeling the waves lap against your legs, chasing sea gulls, they're all sweet, simple memories you'll never forget.

        The highlight of my beach trip was probably walking down the shore line, talking to my friend about "the old days". The sand was cool beneath our feet, the waves were gently teasing us, and soon we jumped in. Wild horses couldn't drag me out of that water. It was blissful. Sadly, all good things come to an end. We had to leave, and on the car ride home I could feel myself swaying to the swells of the ocean. I'm thankful I still have all those wonderful memories. Beach trips are the best.

          Speaking of all good things coming to an end, I'm afraid I've said my speel and it's time for me to go. I'm so honored to be guest posting here at Sarah-Anne's blog. She's such a sweet and lovely girl! & I hope you'll all come visit me on my side of the blogosphere. Until then, I remain yours truly & beachy,

BIO: Hello, I'm Meredith! I'm a fun-loving fifteen year old gal. I have hair that some might describe as a sandy brown or a golden blond or a strawberry red. My eyes are the color of the sea. My hobbies include reading good books, making people laugh, baking and frosting cupcakes, and blogging (over at mere words of mine.) I love the color yellow {just to let you know}. I also love Christ Jesus more than life itself. I'd be thrilled if you came by to see me. I dearly love new friends. Well, ta ta for now!

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