a sweet surprise in the mail

On Wednesday I was feeling crumby. Like, really really really crumby. I spent the day on the couch trying to get comfortable & was just starting to feel better when Mama walked in the room with an envelope...addressed to me. I LOVE <3 getting packages in the mail, and just the thought of getting a little handwritten note was enough to perk me up. But exactly what was IN the package was something I wasn't expecting at. all.

A few weeks back, my blogging friend Emily received a camera necklace from Forever 21 & I commented on it with my over-the-top enthusiam as always, ha! Little did I know Emily would send me one of my very own AND the sweetest letter to boot! Thank you sooo much Emily; I think it captures {get it?!} our personalities so well, don't you think readers?!

Thanks again Emily!! This gift was such a thoughtful thing to do for a friend. :) Also? Am I lame at taking "model" pictures or what?! Oh well, I'm still insanely excited about the necklace to care about my awkwardness.

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