a blogging break also? a hello monday: beach edition {19}

Otherwise titled as Hello Monday: The Beach Edition {19}

First off, yes...I'm taking a blogging break. My third, in fact! We're starting school on the 15th & since Dad has one week off this summer & it happens to fall on this particular week, we've spending quality time with each other having fun & making end-of-the-summer memories. 

But don't worry; I'm not leaving you high & dry like the other two blogging breaks. I always equate the beach with summertime {and...if you're a devoted long time reader you'll know that I have an undying love for anything & everything beach, so I've arranged to let you readers be treated to beach-themed guest posts from Emily S, Emily N, Meredith, and Emily C all throughout the week, along with a FTF + SS {beach themed of course!} featuring just ONE all beach themed shop! Cool, right?

Do you forgive me, readers, for springing this on you?  I promise, you'll be in love with the guest posts! 

On to the Hello Monday, shall we? I've complied a few of my MANY favorite things about the beach along with some gorgeous photos from weheartit.com. Because, you know, weheartit.com is awesome.  

{hello monday: beach edition}

{hello sand}
photo credit
{hello salt spray}
{hello waves & pounding surf}

photo credit
{hello beachcombing for shells & driftwood}
{hello wind-whipped hair}

photo credit
{hello reading my heart out}
{hello picture opportunities galore}

photo credit
{hello family time}
{hello staying up late}

photo credit
{hello sleeping in late}
{hello memories that will last a lifetime}

{hello monday: beach edition}
This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due.
 Enjoy the guest posters, readers, & I'll be back next Monday!

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