a new look + 100 followers to celebrate!

After an afternoon of blog construction dust, my new look is revealed! I've been inspired by lots o' bloggers by their new fall looks and more streamlined designs, so I enlisted the help of my IRL bestie, Emily, to help me with a new header. Thankfully I was able to keep my template from Megan & make a new header via Scrapblog, succeeding in having a new blog design for free. Wheeee!!

Lots of rearranging will be done, don't worry. I'm still trying to get everything just perfect so check back over the weekend for updated pages 7 less sidebar widgets. Thanks for sticking with me through all the blog redos readers!

And, as the title states, I've reached a hundred followers!! ::happy dance:: 102, in fact. I'm not a follower fanatic that asks for followers in every post & comment, promising a giveaway if you'd just pretty please follow my blog already!! I want my followers to follow my blog because they like it, not because they have to be a follower to enter one of my giveaways...and I think I've accomplished my goal.

Happy 102 followers to me! :)

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