hurricane Irene {prayer request}

This? This kinda scares me.

We've been through lots of hurricanes like Floyd & Isabel, but this is the first one that I KNOW I'll really remember. Watching it for the past couple of days has both scared me & made me oh so thankful to God that we haven't had a bad storm in the past couple years or so.

Although it started getting windy yesterday & the rain has already started {at times just a shower or heavy downpour}, Hurricane Irene is barreling towards us at a steady pace of 14 mph & it's projected to impact Saturday morning between 8AM and 9PM, so that's when the prayers are needed! Our main concern is about our house; it's over a 100+ yrs old & just not made to withstand lots of wind. Coupled with the fact that the roof leaks sometimes, it's not looking good but we're trusting God!

Phones are charged {or charging}, valuables & legal stuff is packed up in a backpack, non perishable food & water bottles waiting for us just in case the power goes out, and now it's just a waiting game to see how hard the rain gets & the wind blows.

Thanks in advance readers; an update will be one of the first things I do on Monday!

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