beach trip {2011} : day 2

Day 2, peoples! I slept the latest of anyone & woke up to Dad saying "No coffeepot?! NO COFFEEPOT?! Clark, do you want to come with me; I'm going to that coffee shop I saw when we got on the island? Let's go!!". My eyes jerked opened at that & I stumbled out of bed because I knew no coffeepot  meant no coffee...and that was a bad start to the day when you have a self-proclaimed coffee addict for a father.

20 mins later Mama & Dad had two steaming cups of coffee thanks to the only coffee shop on the island {that I know of} called Beans 'n' Screens.

While the boys were gone to get the life blood of Dad's day I took pictures of the view that morning...ahhh, I got used to this, ya'll. It was so nice to step out & get assaulted by the humidity accomanpied by the smell of the salt water. Bliss.

This was how far we were away from the shore; I DIE from the awesomeness.
 Once Dad was properly caffeinated, he set to work on a great breakfast of bacon & pancakes. YUM! And I only took pictures of the bacon; I think you see where my priorities are: fat first, carbs second.

Onto the beach. We rustled up some beach chairs that were only about 50 million yrs old and all rusty {which I cut myself on one of the rusty legs...guess my shot my parents paid for actually was put to use} but were still together. Towels, a blanket to sit on, boogie boards, books & sodas, an umbrella, and basically the whole unit were bought down to the beach & we got set up for the day...

Our beach neighbors; all of them were very nice. 
 Clark just about had a stroke because he wanted to get in the water SO BAD, but Dad & I managed to squeeze in some reading before we went jumping into the waves.

 We spent the day boogie boarding, wiping out {OK, that was just me. Homegirl ain't coordinated enough to catch very many waves}, drying off & reading wayyy too many chapters in our books, going up to eat {but only when hunger was too great to not eat...I didn't want to leave the beach unless I really had to that's how much I love it}, and rinse lather repeat. 

Around 4 we came up, showered, ate dinner & went out to play putt-putt, a family tradition when we're at the beach.

I'm in LOVE <3 with this shot. Thank you camera for spazzing out & capturing this photo because I sure didn't do it by myself. What do you think about it: yay or nay?

We went to a different course this year, but it was pretty awesome...but maybe I'm a little bias because I won that night. This win coming from the girl who got a hole in one the first hole then turned around & got +4 the second hole; it had something to do with the fact I only had +1 the entire back nine. Yay for me! ;)

This tree creeped me out. For serious.

 Dad was scorekeeper...

 A blue waterfall? Yeah, not buying it.

 My Chucks helped me win; I'm convinced. I also think me singing "Who's gonna take you home??" over & over & over again and annoying everyone on the course helped me win too, but the jury's still out on that one.


After Dad lost his ball in the, ahem, river we went out in search for the Sweet Shop, recommended by the Bannings. It didn't disappoint; the service was great & the ice cream even better. I ate the rest at home while watching some old Mel Brooks movie with Dad & zoning out around 10:45...but not without first doing some late night texting with my camp friends, Hannah & Sam. Love those two.

Day 3 {complete with Fort Macon & Go-Karts} coming up!

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