and you thought all the "end of the world" jokes were outta my system...

We had aftershocks of the 5.9 earthquake today...something that NEVER happens in NC & the surrounding areas. In fact, I heard on the nightly news that it happens about once every century! Cool & scary at the same time, am I right? 

The worst part of it was that Mama, Clark & I MISSED IT. Missed something that happens once in a hundred years, people. I am sad & relieved at the same time because I'm not entirely sure in what way I would've embarrassed myself by freaking out, but also that we had just left someone's house & was cruising down the road minding our own business while 23 states experienced tremors from an earthquake. Why?! For the record, it was such a small" tremor that if you weren't standing still you couldn't even feel it, so that's my excuse for missing the East Coast earthquake of 2011.

Also? There's a hurricane barreling towards our coast and my town is in the cone of uncertainty. Let us take a moment to reflect on the hilarity of that phrase... {make sure you say it in a doom-and-gloom voice; it's much better that way}.

...OK, you ready to go? I'm finished wiping the tears outta my eyes, so let's move on to the other thing I wanted to share.

Hurricane Irene is projected to hit this weekend, and NC is totally not prepared. We've been spoiled by 3+ yrs of non direct hits from other major hurricanes and, in true NC fashion, we have around the clock updates from the weathermen. The best part? The storm is still 4-5 days out. Hold me.

All this within the week...Is is 2012 or something? Because the world must be ending or something; What's next: the cool temperatures NC is having will continue?!

Note: As far as I know, no death, or serious injury, came out of today's events  Hurricane Irene is moving farther off the coast as it gets nearer, lessening the effect on the East Coast. All these events are serious & I realize that...I'm downplaying my fear with my ::ahem:: attempt at a humorous post because everyone knows that I'm NOT a witty person. BUT! I think I succeeded in providing a few laughs to my friends today, am I right? 

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