surprise afternoon tea party for miss molly

As Emily, Mama and I were cleaning a house last Tuesday, we were talking about Miss Molly and how she doesn’t really get to go places and have fun. The idea of an surprise afternoon tea was born, and we discussed the plans as we cleaned and cleaned that afternoon. Here’s the email we sent to everyone...

Hi Everyone!

You're invited to attend a surprise tea party get-together!  Keep reading below for all the details...  :)


What: A Surprise Afternoon Tea-  We're hosting a little get together for Mom so she can have some fun and fellowship.  Please come for an afternoon of tea and time together with friends!  :)

Where: The Nichols House

When: Sunday, October 31st from 3:30 until around 5:30pm.

*Since we're trying to let Mom have a relaxing time enjoying fellowship with friends, we're trying to make it low-key.  Jeans and a sweater are perfectly fine!  Also, since it's a time for tea and friends, please bring your favorite mug and some tea to share! :)

P.S. Please park in our neighbors driveway and yard directly to the left of our house.  They are away on vacation right now so they said we can use their parking.  We are trying to keep Mom from getting suspicious.  We would also love to try and have everyone walk in and surprise Mom together too. 


Please let us know ASAP if you're planning on coming, and we're really hoping to see you on Sunday!  Also, please let Katie or Emily know if you have any questions...and try to do it very secretive too.  *wink* You can call Katie's cell phone at: (number omitted for privacy reasons) or send Emily an email at:(emmylou520@gmail.com).  Thank you!!  :)


Emily, Katie,(Sarah-Anne, and Mrs. Melanie)  :)

The funny thing was that Miss Molly had no idea what we were planning, and her reaction to all 5 of us walking her door made my heart fill with joy. Just seeing her smiling and laughing was great…

Since we were trying to be as secretive as possible, Mama and I handled the cooking/baking part of the food. We had pumpkin cookies, brownie bites, chocolate chip cookies,  chex mix, and cheese and crackers. Yummy in my tummy!

The spread:

teapartyandphotoshoot 074

teapartyandphotoshoot 075

teapartyandphotoshoot 085

Sweet Emmylou, who has such a heart to serve others, composed the email and worked and worked on the food placement that day. Love you, friend!

(She’s quite the little photographer, huh? :)

teapartyandphotoshoot 082

This picture cracks me up! If you look at the bottom corner, you can see Andrew leaning around Moriah and looking at me. He was sooo intent to tell me something, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. All I know was that he really wanted to tell me something…

teapartyandphotoshoot 086

Playing around with the manual focus…

teapartyandphotoshoot 079

teapartyandphotoshoot 080

It was also a bring your own mug tea party, and I love the diversity all the people had. Handmade ones, huge Starbucks ones (ahem, that would be me!) and simple ones found at the dollar tree.

teapartyandphotoshoot 087

teapartyandphotoshoot 088

teapartyandphotoshoot 089

Some of the attendee’s were Andrew:

teapartyandphotoshoot 076


teapartyandphotoshoot 083

Miss Pauline (Moriah’s aunt) and Moriah herself:

teapartyandphotoshoot 096


teapartyandphotoshoot 098

And all the moms, who did not want there picture taken, but complied without too much complaining ;):

teapartyandphotoshoot 097

After we had eaten our fill of pumpkin cookies and felt our stomach’s sloshing around with all the tea we drank, the moms stayed inside while Moriah, Emily, and I had a spontaneous photo shoot. Pictures of that are coming up tomorrow, so head’s up, ya’ll!

Finally, you know no post that has picture overload is complete with my ‘artistic shots of the day’…

teapartyandphotoshoot 099

teapartyandphotoshoot 102

Happy middle of the week, readers! Only two more days until the weekend, right? :D


  1. Love the pictures, Sarah-Anne! :D That was lots of fun...I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post. :)


    P.S. Are you doing the FF challenge?

  2. Great post, Sarah-Anne! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. They are all great...as always. *wink* Love you!! :)