miscellany tuesday

Beware: This post is really, really, really random. I’ve been working on it all day now, so you honestly get to see what’s floating through that head o’ mine during the weekday…

{1}Multi-tasking. I’m writing this post while watching last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Yes, I am a multi-tasker big time! I can’t help it, though, because computer time is limited and I HAVE to catch up on celebrities making a fool of themselves each week.

{2}Planning. I’m already thinking up posts for next week’s preview Monday/week in posts. Pace yourself, SA!

{3}Etsy vs. Big-Cartel. I recently made an etsy shop, but I’m not sure about Etsy now. I’ve read Gussy’s post about it, and she just might have made me a convert. Gus, if you’re reading this, you might just get an email from me sometime soon-ish! ;)

{4} Ch-ch-changes. New blogs added to the sidebar, new pages, updates and more! Trust me, my blog’ll look great after I’m done. Or, maybe just a little different and not so bare…

{5} Favorite things Friday. How could I forget my new favorite series thingy?! I’ve still got things to show you readers, so I’m off to update preview Monday and, sadly, bump Emily and my sewing afternoon post to next week. It’s not you, Emmylou, it’s just me and my forgetful self… :)

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