park day

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing blogging schedule to bring you this set of pictures I took today. Sunny days spent at the park are too good to pass up, and that’s just what we did today…

Here lately, Clark has been doing some “crafts” (I say crafts lightly because, well you know…he’s a guy, and most guys don’t want to let the world know that they make things. Just sayin’…) and it’s made Mama and I think about the old days where we would go to the park after an hour or two of school were the bomb, and we missed that. All I do is sit at the laptop and type things these days. No fun.

So, Mama called up some friends of ours out of the blue yesterday and decided we were going to go to the park and have lunch. The following pictures are some of my favorite that I snapped in between watching the littles and playing on the monkey bars. Yes, I played on the monkey bars, and yes, I’m 15 years old. Who says parks are for the kids 5 and under?

Before everyone got there, I took a couple pictures of Clark. Bless his little 12 year old heart, because I took more of him than I did of anything else! :) Note: Do you spy with your little eye a girl who loves her little bro?

fallparkday 009

fallparkday 012

Man, there she is again! She is relentless, I tell you! ;)

fallparkday 033

The rest are stills, basically, because I failed to ask if I do post pictures of the other kids on my blog. Hey, don’t hate…I’m just doing the right thing and respecting other’s privacy!

fallparkday 010

fallparkday 025

fallparkday 043

fallparkday 045

fallparkday 050

fallparkday 052

We had a little Indian girl join us as well, as evidenced my her little headpiece.

fallparkday 034

I ask you, can you say no to a little boy who asked to swing? Nope, you can’t!

fallparkday 067

Shoes are fun to photograph! Haha, and I’m sure you can tell by this next series of pics…

fallparkday 047

fallparkday 041

fallparkday 049

fallparkday 060

fallparkday 066

And what’s a post without a self portait or two? In this case, I’ve got three: a shadow and two face ones. But beware, the last one is scary. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

fallparkday 054

fallparkday 061

See what I mean?! Scary. I thought this face would look better, but I guess not.

fallparkday 027

And there you have it! Our afternoon in a nutshell. Something only homeschooling families could enjoy. :) Oh, and the highlight of the day? Playing flag football with 5 guys and getting two out of three touchdowns for our team.

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  1. Great pictures, SA! I love thinking about our past "park days" when we were little...

    Love and hugs,