photo shoot with Sam: part 1

If you’ve read any of my posts lately, I’ve mentioned that on Friday night I went to spend the night at my cousin Sam’s house. And, naturally, we had to have a photo shoot around sunset. I mean, duh! :)

The best part? She lives in a neighborhood with virtually NO traffic and was willing to take the camera from me and take a picture or two of moi. Score! Have I mentioned she’s my favorite cousin?

First, it was out to the backyard. Max had to get in on the action, too, but he wouldn’t look at the camera. I think he was afraid of the click of the shutter…

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 161

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 162

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 164

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 166

My turn at location #1:

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 167

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 168

Then we moved out into the street (for the first time; we went back there right before we went inside…)

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 170

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 171

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 172

Funny story: She said “I feel like I keep doing the same thing! What should I do?” And, then, at basically the same time, we said “Sit like Esther!!” Click on the link and scroll down to the second post on the first page to see what we’re talking about…

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 173

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 174

My turn again!

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 176

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 177

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 178

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 180

A few notes: 1) I need to eat a biscuit or two, because whoa there, girl. I’m skinny. See picture above… 2) I look like my dad. It’s taken me that long to realize that I really truly do look like him. No wonder one of his old friends called me a mini-Tom…

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming to a blog near you tomorrow afternoon!

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