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Ah, it’s another week, folks. I know it sounds so unbelievably cliché , but time is flying by! Can you believe that it’s only 4 days until Thanksgiving?!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we’re going to be spending the holidays with family the whole weekend. Sure, I’ll check emails, catch up on blogs and such, but other than that, it’s Thanksgiving break all the way. No school (hopefully; I might have to settle for a teeny tiny amount over the course of the weekend), no ‘real’ blogging and all that jazz. I’m sure ya’ll will understand…

{miscellany monday tuesday}

{i’m thankful for…}

Just a post that I thought up over this week highlighting the things I’m thankful for this year. Who knows? There might be a picture or two from last year’s celebration in there!

{favorite things friday: cowls}

Cowls have become my new favorite obsession, both on Etsy and BigCartel, and I’ve even started one. I’ve beyond excited to show you my finds for various reasons, so stick around and see for yourself!

{goodbye fall}

You know that post I told you I was going to publish about my favorite things about fall? Yeah, never happened. But, I PROMISE it’s coming. A last hurrah for fall, if you will…

Happy Monday, readers!

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