miscellany monday, er, tuesday

{1}Excitement. I’m bursting with excitement over here, ya’ll. The only sad part? I can’t tell you, and it’s killing me! You’ll find out soon enough…

{2}Blogoversary. My little ol’ blog is getting ready to turn a year old. See that ticker over there on my sidebar? It says 11 days until my blogoversary. Insert a certain amount of panic over here. But, some of that excitement I’m talking about stems from that ticker. I’ve given you two clues already, so are there are guesses out there?

{3}Updates. There are coming, I promise! I’ve changed things around way too much for a bloggy shout out to go by unnoticed, so look for that post tomorrow or Thursday.

{4}Busyness. This week is full of it. Running around like chickens with our heads cut off. A mad dash out of bed into the shower to go to CBS. Yep, that’s out day tomorrow. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, readers!

{5}Excitement. Again. Did I mention I’m pretty excited? Cause I am. :)

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