photo shoot with emily and moriah

As I said in my last post, after we some tea party goodies, I suggested (or maybe it was Emily…) that we do a impromptu photo shoot since we’re rarely together at the same time. We ran to Emily’s room, brushed our hair, and straighten our shirts, then went outside and had an absolute blast! Wanna see?

First, we went over to the shed by the neighbors house and I experimented on Emmylou to see if the height/light was good enough…

teapartyandphotoshoot 104

teapartyandphotoshoot 105

The settings and everything were great, so I set the timer and ran over there with Moriah. Over and over and over again…

teapartyandphotoshoot 106

teapartyandphotoshoot 111

teapartyandphotoshoot 114

No photo shoot is complete without jump shots, so I totally convinced them to do a couple with me. Look at the end of the posts for those two pictures.

And, since I have the best friend ever, they agreed to go out in the middle of the road with me, and the following shots were done in between dodging trick-or-treaters and running for our lives from the cars.

Moriah and I:

teapartyandphotoshoot 131

Emily and Moriah:

teapartyandphotoshoot 137

Me and Emily:

teapartyandphotoshoot 138

Moriah and I again:

teapartyandphotoshoot 141

I have NO idea who suggested it, but someone said we should pose like a band. Apparently, for me at least, being in a band means making seriously funny faces.

teapartyandphotoshoot 135

teapartyandphotoshoot 136

We finished up the photo shoot with one of the three of us on the fence…

teapartyandphotoshoot 143 

And now for the outtakes…

I do believe Moriah was telling me she didn’t want to smack me on the head, but there was a mosquito, so I better get it quick! (I did, for the record. Not before I felt a handprint on my forehead, though.)

teapartyandphotoshoot 140

teapartyandphotoshoot 121

teapartyandphotoshoot 124

Haha! I totally crack up when I see those. I’m actually wondering how in the world I got that far off the ground…

And there you have it: a recap of my Sunday afternoon. Great time had by all, if I do say so myself! :)


  1. I love, love, love, this post! I had such a wonderful time doing the photo shoot with you and Moriah. Great pictures and post!

    P.S. We need to try to schedule a photo shoot for both of us soon. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun together! Love all of the photos of such lovely young ladies! Thanks for sharing!