photo shoot with Sam: part 2

The next location was in this clearing type place in the woods, over across the street from Samantha’s house. It was wet and the light wasn’t all that great, but I really liked it. Thus, I took pictures…

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 181

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 182

This was as close as we got to a serious face. She COULD NOT keep a straight face when she heard the shutter click, and I have a couple picture of her laughing at herself! ;)

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 183

My turn again!

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 185

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 187

And, since Sam is the best cousin ever, she fulfilled my life dream of posing in front of a road sign/stop sign. Yes, I really wanted to do that, thankyouverymuch.

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 192

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 193

On the way back, the light coming through the trees was SOOO pretty, and since Sam had the camera, she snapped a couple…

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 196

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 197

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 198

Yay for serious faces!

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 199

Last location! We were absolutely freezing, and that’s probably why my nose (and her’s) look really red…

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 206

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 208

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 204

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 209

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 210

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 220

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 222

samphotoshootandecufootballgame 224

And…we’re done! Quite possibly one of the coldest shoots I’ve done, but it was worth it. I actually like some of the pictures I got of her, and I’m sure it’s the same for her.

Thanks for letting me shoot your pretty face, Sam!

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  1. Aww...I love the pictures! Both of you are such sweet young women. :)