favorite things friday: scarves

Another Friday mean another way to show off the things I love…

When Emily posted about her scarf tutorial (link at the bottom of the post), then Lindsay @ Pleated Poppy posted another tutorial on how to tie a scarf (again, link below), I knew it was a sign or something. Thus, I’m using Favorite Things Friday to post about my love affair with scarves.

I’m a skinny girl, and since Eastern NC winters are downright COLD, I need to keep my body heat in without having to wear three layers each time I want to go outside. So, I wear scarves. And hats. And the occasional pair of gloves. I searched Etsy to look for scarves earlier today, and I came up with some of the most GORGEOUS scarves. Wanna see?


Yes, JANNYSGIRL is back on my list again! What can I say? I really love her autumn scarves!

{exotic spice sheer scarf: SOLD}

{autumn bouquet sheer scarf: SOLD}

{fall flowers chiffon scarf: SOLD}

{HeatBria }

She lives in Charlotte, NC so I had to add her! :)

{scarf cowl warmer pumpkin orange: $34}

{red scarf warmer: $32.50}

{purple scarf cowl warmer: $34}

{scarf warmer cowl off white creamy texture: $25.50}

P.S. These are only some of my faves. Go HERE to see all my favorites…


Found this Etsy shop when I was looking through the results for my scarf search. Even though the shop doesn’t have that many items, I really like the style of her items…

{the miranda- etrxa long infinity scarf: $35}

{the abby-long, lacy, winter scarf: $24}

{the melodie-mohair and silk mobius long cowl/scarf: $45}

{Textile Monster}

Another shop I found while browsing through my search results. This one is, by far, the cheapest, so I’m pretty happy about that! :)

{avocado curly rag: $16}

{tumeric neck rag: $22}

{soft coral curly rag: $16}


Yet another search find. This one is just for kicks, though; I think I might be swallowed whole if I wore this. Not to mention toasty warm!

{seattle snuggler: $28}

{seattle snuggler: $28}

So, in a perfect world, let’s say you have all these scarfs. Now the question is: how in the world do I tie these pretties? Click HERE to watch Emily's video to tie a simple weaved look for your scarf, or go HERE to read (and look at pretty pictures!) Lindsay's loopy tutorial! If you’re not feeling the linky love, simple google or youtube “how to tie a scarf” and you’re up to your ears in links and videos to look at.

Happy Friday readers!

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  1. Scarves are great! My favorite one is a scarf that Jeff brought home from Israel for me when he went there in the summer of '08. I've been wearing that a lot recently. :)

    Have a great weekend!