the ABC's of thanksgiving...

I had a pretty post all typed up, scheduled for this evening and everything. But, ya'll, it wasn't me. Really, it wasn't, and I was doubting some of the things I said. It just wasn't original, and that fact was killing me...
Then, as I was posting yesterday's post, I noticed Hannah had a post up on her blog about the ABC's of Thanksgiving, and I knew that was what I wanted to do for my Turkey day post. Go HERE to read all about it!

In case it's a little bit confusing, here's a rundown of the things I'm thankful for this year...
{A}Acceptance. It's a wonderful thing, ya'll. The things I put my family and friends through are unreal, yet they always want to spend some time with me. Love them!
{B}Blogging. My family can laugh all they want, but this whole community is what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving.
{C}Clark. Always funny, always annoying, but above all: always a gentleman. I love you, Clarky Boy!
{D} Dad. You're the same things I described about Clark and more. Life would be dull without you guys, and I'm thankful it's not.
{E}Etsy. I've met so many wonderful sellers on Etsy, and I love promoting their shops with my Favorite things Friday posts. Buy handmade! :)
{F}Family and Friends and Food and Football. Whoa, there are a lot of things I'm thankful that begin with an
{G}God. Did you really think God wouldn't make it up here? Sad day, that day was. Nope, He is the reason I'm here, typing this post, feelings all these emotions about how I'm grateful for all of these things.
{H}Home. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was onto something when she said that famous line: "There's no place like home."
{I}Internet. I know that sounds so nerdy, but Internet is a wonderful thing. I can take college classes online, find out the answers to my burning questions, etc., so on the list it goes!
{J}Jesus. Yep, he's on here too. Thanks for the sacrifice you gave to let me live this life I do.
{K}Kiddos. I can be having a bad day, and when I see a little baby boy smile a smile that he only does for me, the world is right again. Same goes to any kid who hugs me and asks to see the picture I've taken of them.
{L}Laughter and Love. Two things that are WONDERFUL for the soul. Even the Bible says so, ya'll.
{M}Mama. What can I say? I love my mama...Like, a lot.
{N}Night time. Ah, I love night and all the relaxing things it brings, like sleep. :)
{O}Outdoors. I'm not one to totally have a full blown mud fight, but I love to toss the ball with my family in the fall.
{P}Peace. A feeling that only comes from God!
{Q}Quiet. Something rare, but quiet is necessary for sanity, wouldn't you agree?
{R}Reading. Nothing like crawling into bed and reading a novel to unwind...
{S}Singing and Summertime. Two of the other favorite things!
{T}Tom: see Dad. Sorry, couldn't really think of one.
{U}UVA aka Sunlight. It's been proven; sunlight can, and will, effect your mood, and I'm hear to attest to that. The best days are when I get to read my schoolbooks outside.
{V}Voices. Voices are great, both literal and figuratively.
{W}Weather. Man, I promised I wouldn't talk about it, but every thunderstorm and rainbow reminds me of God's power and control over everything.
{Y} Years. The years we live, and the things we feel up our years, define who I am.
{Z}Zeal. To be honest, I totally pulled this one out of the blue. But, I really love a person with zeal in their personality, so...
And there you have it: my ABC's of thankfulness. Feel free to link up on the link provided and let the blogging world know what you're thankful for this holiday go 'round.

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  1. SA... I love the thankful post. some of my favorite's were..A,g,h,j,m,w,..but I liked them all and they are true to you.
    I love you, like a lot! Mama!