mid-week update

Yes, the update I kept on talking about it here, ya’ll! Lots and lots and lots of things had changed, which warranted a update post. Hey, every blog has to have some a few times a year, right?

So, first off: How are you liking the new blog background? Even though backgrounds with little cartoon turkeys on them were really tempting, I decided against them. However, I’m really liking the checked pattern I have up. Perfect for November!

Oh, and FYI, we have a rule at our house (or maybe it’s just for me since I totally LOVE anything to do with Christmas) that there’s no décor/Christmas music to be played until the day after Thanksgiving. The same goes for the blog (Okay, that one is only for me), but you’d better believe I’m going to hop on over the weekend to change the blog background and put up a new Christmas playlist. Just a forewarning for you readers…

Secondly, speaking of my playlist, I’ve got some new songs on there, like Audio Adrenaline’s Ocean Floor, some classic Chris Tomlin praise and worship songs, plus a couple Train and Plain White T’s in there, too. And, there may or may not be a Paramore song in there. *cough, thinking of you, Lindsay, cough* :) What would you readers think about NOT having the music play automatically? Is it annoying or do you love it?

Calling all the new blogs! New blogs, it’s role call time! I’ve recently started following a few amazing blogs, and just now added them to my blog roll over there on that right sidebar. 

Go check out Kim's blog, because she’s awesome, she does a lot of giveaways from sponsors, and she LOVES Dr. Pepper like I do. Kindred spirits, I tell you!

Another blog I’m in love with? Eclectic Whatnot. She understands the plight of having two first names, she takes amazing photos, and she’s a homeschool mom of 5 kids. Oh, and, as if she could be more amazing, she has uber curly hair! LOVE HER! :D

Still, there more great blogs over there, so go check out those ones you’ve had your eye on!

Finally, I’ve added some new tabs up there. Sure, a lot of them aren’t finished yet, but I wanted to make sure you knew about the ‘Welcome’ tab, right there next to the ‘Home’ one. Don’t worry, because the others are pretty much written out in my head, but yet to be typed out. I’m hoping to finish those up over the holiday weekend. Or maybe the actual holidays. Yes, I’m serious. SA wants to enjoy her breaks from school, ya’ll! :)

Hope you enjoyed the little update! I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of Favorite things Friday!


  1. thanks for the shout out, cutie pie!

  2. personally, the auto start annoys me, because i tend to open lots of pages and am already playing music on my computer soo when it comes on i tend to flip out and do this weird computer dance until i find the page that is playing the music (sometimes more than one D:) and yeah. it is my worst nightmare ;)

    and I'm totalllyy with you on the christmas thing. but there is no such rule at our house. so christmas radio all the time baby!

  3. Awww. You talked about me. Er, blogged about me.

    Thank you so much for hosting a giveaway!