where i blog

Ever wonder where I type out all my blog posts, along with read other people's wonderful blogs/twitter pages? Here's your chance to find it all out...
While I do have a laptop, I don't blog on it. You know, the whole "use it only for school" thing, and I'm keeping up my end of the promise. That leaves me with the old one, this little beauty...

 I hit this button... a lot. Like I just did when I realized I spelled "a lot" wrong!
 Emachines, you have served up well. You've survived a direct hit by lightning (seriously, it happened. the computer box out on the front of the house was sturck by lightning while we weren't home. scary.), and if you'd kindly take your last breath and die, I'd be forever grateful. Then we could get a new, flat screen computer and chuck you, you old dinosaur.

So, now you know where I do all my blogging. Kinda weird to know where someone sits as the chat with you, huh?

This post is of the blog link up @ Centsational Girl.'s blog, and it's open until tomorrow, so what are you waiting for? Go write up and post and hit the publish button already! I mean...pretty please? :)
(a huge thanks to Gussy for posting about this, therefore taking me out of my blogging funk and putting something new into my blogging bank. thanks sew much, miss maggie!)

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  1. I never imagined so many bloggers would feature their spaces, this is so cool !!! Thanks so much for writing about your blog zone, and linking up to the party! Such fun.