photo shoot with lindsay: part 2

Finally, right?! Blogger has been giving me issues lately, and when I sat down to upload this set of photos earlier, Clark comes in and tells me that the computer locked up and I lost all the pictures I was uploading. I promptly made up a new rule saying you can't get on if you see anything related to Blogger/uploading pictures. :)
But enough about Blogger woes. On to the good stuff and the reason why you came here...PICTURES! Lindsay's outfit for this series was so her, but mostly bright. The barn made a perfect background for her pink tights, and she just about had a stroke when she found out that we could take pictures there. It was just too funny. Poor city girl...

I got a little camera happy and took a lot picture on the ground. Literally, I was laying down on the grass. But the results? So totally worth it. See for yourself!
She freaked when she saw the door too, and demanded I take some over there. Then I demanded she let me take pictures of her awesomely awesome shoes. Converse heels, anyone?

 Ya'll, the shoes.

 The black shirt against her red hair is too cool.

There's still one more part to it, so stick around and stop by tomorrow for the last set, and I also want to post my favorite B&W's, so look for those next week.

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  1. Awesome pictures, Sarah-Anne! You have such a neat way of capturing pictures. I love "part 1" as well. :)