photo shoot = outfit help

So (yeah, starting out a post with so has to break some grammar rule, but i'm not into all that jazz), this weekend I'm having a photo shoot/taking pictures of the uber talented Lindsay and I need some help. I've never had a shoot before, or taken shots of someone for that matter, I'm not that good at matching up clothes and making things look good, and coming up with accessories, so what am I to do? Take pictures of the clothes I'm thinking about and turn to you readers. You're special to me, in case you didn't know. :)
Below are the outfits I'm thinking about, so leave a comment saying which one you like the most, or even more than one outfit, and I'll be forever grateful.
Outfit #1: Green 3/4 length sweater, white cap sleeved tissue tee and dark wash skinny jeans...

 Outfit #2: Sleeveless green paisley dress...
Outfit #3: Blue and black sundress with a white or black tissue tee underneath. Gotta keep modesty in mind!
 Outfit #4: Gray tissue tee underneath a racerback cream and gray striped shirt with dark wash skinny jeans (they're a dark blue, not black like the picture makes them look)...
I probably will cut one of them, or even two, but any votes are greatly appreciated. I'm going for a fall kind of look, since one of the pictures will be my profile picture in the fall, but I don't want to look like a weirdo wearing a long sleeved turtleneck on a 90 degree day, so I'm trying to find a balance.
Thanks in advance, readers! You are the bestest friends a blogger could ever have...


  1. I like outfit #2: (Sleeveless green paisley dress)... and outfit #3: (Blue and black sundress with a white or black tissue tee underneath). I love all of teh outfits, though. I can't wait to see the pictures! :)

  2. I'm loving 4 and one of your dresses (whichever is your favorite!) but it's your decision. :)

  3. I love the green paisley dress and I think I would go with outfit #4 for the casual pictures. I also like outfit #1...I'm afraid you would be too hot in the sweater. Have Fun! I look forward to seeing your photos :)

  4. Here are my thoughts~
    Even though it would be quite warm in the sweater, #1 might be a nice choice. Since the color of green is nice, yet not distracting, people will probably tend to look at your face or eyes instead of the outfit.

    But I do love all of the outfits, so whatever you choose will be great! :)

    Blessings, Sarah Anne!
    Joyfully in Jesus,

  5. I like the fourth one =) really pretty!