my very first featured post!

Ever wonder what I do all day? Well, it's your lucky day, so go on over HERE to read all about my adventures during the day. The day I chronicled, last Friday, was quite a doozy, and included locking myself out of the house.  I've been a follower of Gretchen's blog for awhile, and when she asked for some volunteer's, I shot her an email not five minutes after I read her "help wanted" post. Feel free to send her an email if you'd like to do it. She gave me plenty of time in advance to plan a day, and I'm sure she wouldn't spring any surprises on you, either. Go check it out already! :)
P.S. As if you needed any more convincing to go over to her place, Gretchen's giving away a pattern o fyour choice from her sister website, Fashionably Modest Patterns. Just blog, tweet, or Facebook about it, leave a comment, and you've been entered to win. Easy enough, right? Make sure to read the rules, though; I'd hate to have you leave a comment the wrong way.
Have fun looking through all their awesome patterns and picking out your favorite!

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  1. Going to check it out right now! Thanks for telling us about it, SA! I can't wait to read all about your day... :)