photo shoot with lindsay: part 3

Picture overload, ya'll. Maybe that's why my blog is running slow, or maybe it's just me, but these pictures are too good not to show you.

When I asked her to pose differently (i.e. like a friend of hers whom we were talking about constantly during the photo shoot), she did this. Then once I had snapped a couple pictures, she asked me if it looked weird. I said no, but she insisted that it felt weird. Good times...

She loved our ditch. I considered telling her she wouldn't love it at all if I told her there were snakes in that overgrown jungle, but I was nice and spared her the panic attack. :)

Rusted swings are cool, and they're now my favorite place to take a picture.

I can't wait to see the last three edited, Lindsay. The lighting and everything? So cool.

The hair is on fire, and once Lindsay fixes it up with editing, it'll be awesome!

And...that's it. I'll be posting some of my favorites she took of me, and (naturally) letting you guys vote on which one you like the most. Whatever one I decide on will be my new profile picture, so think about it. Happy Monday to you!


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful model! You did a fantastic job taking her pictures, SA!! I want to take your pictures soon! :-)

  2. Great photos, Sarah! I love them. :-)

  3. I just tagged you! See my blog for details. :-)