monthly makeover 7 (and a bunch of other bloggy things)

Ahh, new month, new start...and new blog background. August and I have a love/hate relantionship, the hate part being school starts back, but it wasn't anything a makeover couldn't fix!
Speaking of the blog background, do you like it, readers? Very plainly put, I do. August is bright and colorful, but not like spring is, so I was having a hard time picking one out. This one is perfect, because it's bright, but it's muted, like August is. The leaves are starting to fall, but flowers are still in bloom. My inner gardener is singing right now. Just kidding! I kill everything I look at, but in my dream world I plant things and they don't choke everything else out. 
Where was I? Oh right, the blog background. For those of you who want to know, it's from Shabby Blogs.com. Just click on the link to go right on over there, or click this little button below. The site doesn't dissapoint!

In other bloggy news, I've added some news blog to my blog roll. Go check out Lindsay Marie and Tiffany's blogs, why don't you?
(Linsday Marie)

One more thing before I publish this post, okay? I've added a new playlist to my blog. Finally, right? Lindsay Marie hooked me onto Mixpod.com, and when I saw you could make your playlist look like an iTouch, I fell in love. Scroll on down to the bottom of my page to look at it. It's beautiful, really. :)
I know what you're thinking. What about the results of my poll? They're coming, I promise. That's saved for another post, another day. Look for it later on this week!

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  1. Oooo... I love the background, Sarah! It's perfect for August. :) Awww, thanks for posting about me. You're so sweet. ;) I'm glad you like mixpod. I love mine... I'm constantly changing my songs though. lol! ;D Anyway, thanks again for being so sweet!

    -- Much love,
    Lindsay <3