summer with a purpose: week ten

I seriously can't believe it's been ten weeks since Emily Elizabeth started this wonderful blog carnival! It's been great, but it was only a summer thing, and summer's coming to a close this weekend, so bye-bye bathing suits and hello bookbags!
So what have I been doing the past 3 weeks (I know, I haven't exactly been the best blogger when it comes to SWAP)? Grab something to drink and settle back, because it's been awhile...and I've been productive, of course. :)

  • Landed some baby-sitting jobs the past week. Baby-sitting for a new family I've known through CBS last Saturday and another job yesterday have kept me busy this past week. I hope this keeps up, although it would have been nice to have this kind of demand all throughout the summer. 
  • As you already know, I redesigned my blog, which is a big deal for me. Another round of applause for Emily, please. She's now made me less frightened of HTML and all that jazz...so much so I'm considering picking a less busy background. Thoughts? I'm really searching for a background that's not too busy, but not a solid color, a header that's not too matchy-matchy, and everything else under the sun. 
  • Another big thing that happened was the organization that took place in the schoolroom, as per Mama's suggestion. It looks great, although my desk is still a bit cluttered. All those books are too much for my 2 desks. Dad moved his office into the schoolroom, so that prompted a full cleaning session in the big cabinet. Pictures are below!

  • The biggest thing that's happened is we officially started school this week. If you're looking for more details, see the post I'm planning on doing tomorrow. Will you look at all those textbooks? They could seriously knock someone out or inflict an injury if needed. Not that I think about that or anything while I'm reading them. :)

Thanks again to Emily Elizabeth for keeping me (and many other bloggers) accountable this summer. Summer ending isn't any reason to stop, though, so I might post an update from time to time.


  1. Is that a Teaching Textbooks Math book I see???!!! ;-) I'm doing the Algebra 1 this year.

    I greatly enjoy your blog and like forward to seeing more posts soon!

  2. thanks for leaving a comment, lindsey marie! i always love when readers come out of hiding, as it were. :)
    and yes, that's TT's Geometry. I really like TT...of all the math books i've tried, this one hasn't produced any tears. math just isn't my thing.