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The real, official, whatever you want to call them results for my poll are in! So which blog-about-this-on-this-day post is coming back, and which one got the boot? Find out below...
Simple Woman's Daybook made out pretty good with 2 votes, but it wasn't enough for me to keep around, so it gets the boot. Who knows, if for some reason I can't post pictures or am really busy, I might bring it back for a guest appearance, but it's not going to be a regular here on Simply SA. 
Fix it Friday was also given the boot. You, the readers, didn't really like the Simple Woman's Daybook and Fix it Friday as much, so they're outta here. Sorry those two people who voted for them, but they weren't my favorites.

Last, and most certainly least because I'm feeling guilty about quitting these awesome bloggy things, SWAP is gone. But it didn't really matter, ya'll! I feel so stupid saying it, because I just now realized it. SWAP wouldn't even be around for a consideration since it ends when summer ends. Duh, SA. It was nice, though, because it was my favorite, and seemed like it was everyone else's also.
So, where does that leave the rest of the bloggy posts? The ones that surivived are: Almost Wordless Wednesday, Worship Music Wednesday, and Five Reads for Friday. My favorites, actually. Wednesday will be my scheduled post day, but the rest of the week will be filled with posts I've written that day. Plus, you get to see more of what goes on in my life during the week, and that's always a plus, right?
What's that? I've not answered the question of when are the blog-about-this-on-this-day posts coming back? I'm liking blogging about whatever I want whenever I want thing so much, I'm holding off on the other posts until school starts. Which is really only a month, so you won't go through any more withdrawls.

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