the epitome of summer

Just some pictures I've snapped over this week. Can I be honest? It doesn't really matter because I usually am, but these are my favorite pictures I've taken in a while. Enjoy, ya'll...

Not pictures, but oh-so blog worthy? Sleeping late, staying in your PJ's all day, taking showers at night and going to bed with your hair braided, not eating lunch until 2:00PM, taking a nap after said late lunch and waking up hungry, eating popcorn in your bathing suit after swimming until your whole body looks like a prune, staying up until 11:00PM and wake up with a sore throat from all the yawning you did the night before.
In case you haven't noticed, my summer has revolved around eating, sleeping, swimming, and just about everything else.

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  1. I love the pictures, Sarah Anne! Sounds like you've had a nice summer. :D