a new 'do

Well, not new, per se. I've been cutting my hair the same way for awhile now, trying to just trim the ends and bangs, but letting my natural straight hair grow out to mid-back. Lofty goal, I know, considering whenever I go to cut it, only half of the length stays. Maybe it's not meant to be, but who's to say?
Wanna see my new 'do? Of course you do.
The before shots:
Those are my bangs, people. Bangs that are supposed to be between my mouth and my nose, not down to chin. This haircut was long overdue.
The after:

Ah, that's much better! :) No more hair flips when I tuck it behind my ear, and no more bangs that aren't there. And no, I didn't get my hair colored, it was the lighting. I took the 1st set of pictures during the day, and the after shots when the sun was no longer shining in my room.
(My hairdresser, Wendy, is the best; she remembers what kind of cut we've been doing and how short I like it, etc. Totally recommend her if you live in Eastern NC.)

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  1. LOVE it, Sarah! So cute. I'll be going to get my hair cut soon. I can't decide what I wanna do with it, but it definitely needs a good trimming! I'm thinking I'll probably get some bangs too. Anyway, your new 'do looks great! :)