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Is it wrong to start a post with a disclaimer? Because this post needs one, so here you go!

Disclaimer: We don't have cable, and only have the 3 main networks that have worthwhile shows on them. Therefore, we are really only in front of the TV at night for the news and our TV shows. I promise you, we're not glued to the TV as portrayed by my ::ahem:: extensive must-watch list.

You know you have TV shows you're OBSESSED with like I do.  This is my I-can't-miss-this-show list, my must watches.

{Dancing with the Stars}

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Ya'll, this show is my guilty pleasure reality show; Mama & I love watching all the, DUH, dancing & admiring the sparkly dresses...never mind the fact that cast questionable people on the show. Honestly, you just can't fake people learning to ballroom & Latin dance unlike so many "reality" shows ::cough cough Jersey Shore cough cough:: ;)


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If you've read the blog since, oh...last year, you'll know I'm in love <3 with the show Castle. Last season's finale left us hanging on Castle's declaration of love for Kate while she was bleeding on the ground, and we came back into the season yesterday with Kate on a gurney and Lanie looking like a ER doc or something doing compressions to keep her alive. 

Phew. Quit playing with my heart, ABC, and let Castle & Beckett get together already. This season is going to be EPIC, I tell ya.  

{Grey's Anatomy}

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You know how I said I had a guilty pleasure reality show? I also have a couple medical shows guilty pleasures: GA and House, but Grey's has a special place in my heart for being more like a soap opera than anything. Oh, and the crazy ways people hurt themselves & end of in up in Seattle Grace's ER...sometimes sad, sometimes funny but always bizarre. 

{Blue Bloods}

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Mama hooked the family on this one during the summer while they were running re-runs on Friday nights. This your normal cop show; the whole Reagan family in is on it & you get the sense that they realllyyy care about catching the bad guys...not to mention Tom Selleck & his mustache. Gotta put that in there. 

{The Middle}

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If you need a laugh, then watch this show; what makes it SO hilarious is that all this stuff happens to your family at one time or another. For serious, whether you want to admit it or not. It premieres tomorrow night and I can't wait!! You always need to laugh to combat the middle of the week doldrums. 


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My second medical show guilty pleasure. House is just...House. Always cruel & taunting, but he shows his caring side every now and again. If you like cray-cray medical mysteries, then you'll love House like I do. 


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Again, if you've followed the blog for the last show, Chuck is always talked about. ALWAYS. This show is amazing, guys...my favorite show on TV right now. It's sweet, it's funny, and pretty darn real {if you count someone getting a downloaded with all the government's secrets real}. Plus, it's nerdtastic. Zachary Levi is the bomb, mkay? OK. 


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I think this post will explain everything about Bones. Just read it & you'll get all you wanted to know about  My only beef about it this year? It doesn't start until Nov. Boo!

Those shows above are my must-see, but I do have shows that I love to catch if I can like...

...the Sing-off, Parenthood, Biggest Loser, Modern Family, Body of Proof, CSI: NY, the Amazing Race, Community {hi-larious, ppl}.

What are YOUR favorite shows, readers? I'd love to know so we can chat about the shows in the comments :)

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