football at Chilis

It's no secret that my family LOVES <3 football. Like, really...it's not a secret; I have a whole category for it on the blog.

Thus, we got all pumped up for ECU's first game last Saturday. And then we got beat silly & basically slinked off the field with our purple & gold tails in between our legs because DUDE, if my memory is correct the other team scored over 40 points. That's just sad.

The first home game was on Saturday & since we don't have cable, we searched for a place to watch the game & came up with this place:

Chilis aka One of the best places on the earth. Seriously, we used to eat there all.the.time after church, and to go on a Saturday was like a dream come true.

We donned our ECU T-shirts & made the trek over to the nearest town all while praying ECU would make the game worthwhile.
We ate so many chips, ya'll. Two full bowls...and they were delicious. 
 There was root beer & Dr. P involved because what's a football game without your fave drink?! Not a good one I'll tell ya that. And PS I had TWO Dr. Peppers and still slept good that night.

There were FIVE TV in the bar area of Chili's and all you had to do was swivel your head a bit to see another flat screen. Dad focuses on his football games. 
 Oh yeah, we laughed a lot too but that's a given.

And we ate realllyyy good food that doubled as our lunch the next day.


In the end, ECU didn't win. AGAIN. But that's OK; I'm not a fair weather fan & will always jump at the chance to watch the Pirates play & sport my ECU apparel all while making memories with my two favorite guys :)

Happy Tuesday readers! And I have to know...did your football teams win this weekend?

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