blog facelift

If you've been hanging around Simply Sarah-Anne for awhile, you know that when I have a blog design, I usually stick with it for awhile until the seasons change or I just tire of the same colors staring at me each time I open my blog {which is a lot. A LOT.}

While I did love the header my IRL friend Emily & I designed one afternoon, it was bringing me down, putting me in a blogging slump. It was just so...dark & I couldn't stand it anymore. So, a bloggy facelift was in order.

My love for neutrals became an obsession and I knew exactly what I want the blog to look like, so off I went to make a new header on Scrapblog.com only to have about a million width problems. I ran to Emily begging for help and she graciously helped me install the header in all of it's glory.

All that to say: what do you think? Do you like it? I need to know anything that might need to be changed! Some other changes are coming too; an updated blog roll list & just this afternoon I switched back to the good ol' Blogger commenting system {I never really liked Intense Database system; too many problems}. While the comments aren't showing up on the blog, I have all of them saved in my email :) Thank goodness, am I right?! It would make me oh so sad if they were lost forever.

Happy Tuesday readers; almost halfway through the week.


  1. I really like it! It's cute and totally perfect for fall!

    The only thing I would say is that the text on your posts is a little hard to read since the color is really light, so maybe darken a bit to make it easier to read. And also, the design is too big for my screen, so it gets cut off, but that's probably just me. :)
    Otherwise, adorable!

  2. i agree with the color of your text font... it is hard my older eyes to see. : ) but it looks adorable!!! good header work.

  3. I like it!! You know me, I always think blog changes are good. :)

    I do agree with Delaney though. I'm having a really hard time reading the text (you can blame my 35-year-old eyes if you want) ;-) and most of your sidebar gets cut off, and I have to scroll over to see all of it. But hey, I'll still read your blog, no matter what! :)

  4. I would definitely agree with all the above comments! It's kind of hard to read the text :) A darker color would be MUCH better!

    I definitely know what you mean about the design putting you in a blogging slump... Since mine is new, I love blogging! How shallow is that? Haha!


  5. Thanks for making the text darker; I can see it MUCH better now!! :)

  6. i love it! just updated mine too...so fun :)