the evolution of hair

Remember the Evolution of Dance YouTube video? Yeah, I totally stole the title idea.
As a lot of my readers remember, I cut off half a foot of hair at the beginning of the summer, just in time for my sweet 16 party. To go from having hair down to mid-back then to just brushing my shoulder was a shock, but it made me fall in love with short hair again. Enter my first awesome Picasa collage...

Come on, you gotta admit that short hair is better on me, right? I was in love with short hair again. BUT! I made the mistake of letting it grow out the whole summer, so by Sept. I had had enough and wanted to really chop it all off like some of my friends.

 Enter Linsday's new haircut. She gave me the confidence to realllyyy chop it all off at my next haircut {which was going to only be a trim, ha!} But not without a funny backstory.

I saw her haircut picture on Twitter & thought "THAT'S what I'm going to do with my hair! But what if she thinks I'm copying her?! I kinda am, but I don't want her to think that. I better ask her permission..." And so off went, sending her an email for permission to get a similar haircut. I'm such a dork. Her reply made me literally laugh out loud...

"Hi Sarah-Anne, 

I appreciate your email, but girl, you can get any dang haircut you want! It's not up to me to tell you what kind of hair cut you can or can't get! :) I'm sure you will look great no matter what you decide."


Aisle to Aloha

I went in September 14th to get it all whacked off, surprising both my mom AND Emmylou with my boldness and willingness to cut it to which I said "It's just hair; It'll grow back, guys!" Ya'll, I may never let my hair grow out again. Enter my second Picasa collage...

Overall, I think about a foot of hair came off my head during the summer. Crazy, right? And that, my readers, is the evolution of Sarah-Anne's hair... ;)


  1. mmm so pretty on you! I did the opposite with mine however.
    My hair hadn't been cut, only trimmed for the first 13 years of my life. However, my hair grows SUPER slow. So it was about halfway down my back. When I was 14 I cut it a little longer then my shoulders, then went back and cut it at my shoulders, then when I was 15 just before the Summer I cut it about two inches about my shoulders.
    I HATED IT...
    I swore I'd never cut my hair short again. So now I'm growing it out and it's about 4 inches past my shoulders and I have no intentions of doing anything but trimming it ever again. LOL

  2. I actually think the 'halfway' [September 8th] hair is a really good length for you. but I ditto Lindsay's comment and think they're all pretty darn cute =)

  3. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look exactly like a girl who was at my school... Which is a good thing, because she was sooo gorgeous :D

    But I have to be honest... while I think that your new haircut it SUPER cute, I've always loved long hair! Not too long, but I adore how your hair looked first, and I want mine exactly the same! Haha! My hair now is a little shorter than your Before September 8th picture, but I want it to grow looong :)

    Again, I LOVE it! It looks fantastic on you :)

  4. Oh I LOVE IT! Yeah, you look totally gorgeous. It frames your face very nicely too.

  5. I love it short! SO cute! I used to have suuuper short hair, but since mine is so frizzy and curly, it just didn't work. I so wish I could pull off short though because I think it is just so adorable!

  6. Super cute! I've gone back and forth between short and long - there are things I like about both....honestly I like all 3 lengths on you :) Have fun with the short!