fall colors will bring fall weather, right?

For some reason, I keep thinking I need to wear fall colors...maybe to encourage the fall weather to stay here in ENC? Or maybe I just like neutrals, but I though that was a given after THIS post ;)

Either way, I got many compliments on this outfit and it was even put together last minute this morning. Mama's closet is the best place to shop; that's where I got the shirt AND the shoes.Gotta love it when your mom is the same size you are...but the downside is that I plan to wear something, go to the closet, and then find it's not there. Oh well, win-lose I guess. 

Do you guys LIKE the brick in focus but person out of focus pictures? I do, but I know I could be the only one. Thoughts, please!

I call this my model walk...Feel free to laugh because obviously I am laughing at myself. ;)

 {Shirt} Mama's closet {Tank Top} Target {Jeans} Old Navy {Shoes} Hand me down

And a picture of my photographer for the day and I...

Happy almost end of the week, readers!


  1. great pictures! I LOVE that shirt!

  2. You are SO beautiful!!! That shirt is gorgeous! And your new hair cut is SUPER cute!!! I absolutely love it!

    In answer to your question, I like how artistic the in focus brick thing is, but I'd much rather see your pretty face!


  3. aw, so cuute! you are just adorable. :) and love the hair!!!!!

    p.s. i think the same thing too - if i dress up for fall, it means it's coming, right?!