coral is my color {an outfit post}

At least, that's what my bestie Emily says.

It's my first outfit post, readers! ::throws coral colored confetti:: I don't fancy myself anything like my fashion blog heroes Carlotta, Ilene, Sydney, Elaine and so-and-so...among many others. BUT! I thought Simply SA would benefit from some outfits posts since looking pretty is becoming one of my favorite things to do. I kid, I kid...I liked to look pretty before that, but I'm getting a little more adventurous in my outfits & want to share the journey with ya'll.


outfit specs: {Dress} shop down at the beach called Pacific {Shirt/Tank underneath} Target {Necklace} same beach shop as the dress {Shoes} Sams Club

So what do you think readers? Yay or nay for the outfit posts? I love the fact that I'm actually on my blog MORE, not just sharing the pictures of other people I've taken {not that I don't love <3 that because I most certainly do}, but I don't want to share all my new outfits all at once. Feedback is always so very appreciated!

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