I'm past my I-hate-the-end-of-summer-why-must-the-world-be-so-cruel-and-take-my-summer-away?! phase & moved onto the OMG-all-fall-thing-all.the.time phase. I think I just heard the collective ::sigh:: of relief from all my blog readers... ;)

Since it's Sept. first (and I can officially start thinking about Fall things now, ha) I decided it would be fitting to share all of my favorite things that Fall is all about. You know, because I'm OCD like that.


Never thought that would be on the top of my list, didja? I've been raised in the Pirate Nation & dressed as a ECU cheerleader since I was born (wouldn't you like to like to see a picture of THAT) so it's in my blood to get excited about football. I'll miss the Upward football games that Clark was involved in every week as my football fix, but I'm hoping to sneak back there & watch our friends the Furloughs play, along with the infamous Caleb (the pastors son) and go to a couple ECU games with my newly Pirate cousin, Samantha!

Also? I'm joining a NFL Fantasy league with our cousins the Waters. Don't tell anyone, but I'm saying I'm gonna pick all the cute guys to be on my team so they'll think I'm dumb & then I'll draft all the great guys on there so I can beat them silly. See? I can trash talk as well. ;)


Source: flickr.com via allegra on Pinterest

Sure, the rich soups & awesome baked goods of Fall are great, but I'm looking forward to having my little tea parties with Emily, sitting next to a roaring fire & chatting away. As always, cinnamon apple spice is my favorite tea (along with chamomile) but peach tea & regular ol' decaf P&G tea is going to be on hand all this fall/winter.

{The clothes}

Oh yes, it's time to invest in a billion pairs of Old Navy jeans & one day wonder scarves, throw on some boots (it's on my list to get a pair about mid calf length) and walk out the door looking uber cute. Oh, and don't forget the sweater dresses, colored leggings & hats/gloves.

{The Temps}

I woke up today and dare I say it? I was chilly! Gone are the days where you sweat to death each night as you fall asleep...I'm saying hello to cooler temps & jeans around the clock! Fires in the evening to ward off the chill in the air = heaven.

Happy first day of September readers! If you couldn't believe that it was already Sept...join the club!


  1. those clothes! - sweet and beautiful! look at you all fantasty football leaguey. : )

  2. YAYA for football! :) yay! lol I wish Florida cooled down enough in September for me to wear cute fall clothes ;p

  3. Don't forget the pumpkin cookies!!!! :)