A to Z: all about me

Fine, I'll admit it...I have a problem with blog parties, but this one has been floating around the blogosphere & I just had to join in!

Age? Sweet sixteen, baby!
Bed Size? Twin. & currently in the market for a new one ::hint hint to the parents:: ;)
Chore that you hate? Washing dishes that have crusty food on them. For serious, I can't stand it.
Dogs? My dad's side of the family will hate me for this, but I'm a cat person. No smelly dogs for me, pleaseandthankyou!
Essential way to start the day? Wake up time in my bed. I rarely roll outta bed with a smile on my face so it's best not to talk to me for a minimum of 30 mins...unless you have food then I'm game.
Favorite Color? Purple, in case you couldn't tell. Purple blog, purple room, purple & gold things everywhere in my closet as well.
Gold or Silver? Hate to be hatin' on the older generation, but gold seems outdated to me so I'm gonna go with silver!
Height? 5 '1? Maybe? I"m a shorty so I don't really measure myself that often.
Instruments you play? I used to play the piano but homegirl ain't musically gifted...and I'm quite sad about that. :(
Job title? Full time high school student; I'll do toe-to-toe with the first person who tells me
Kids? Um, none at the moment.
Live...? Ohhh...sneaky. Totally not telling all the Internet weirdos where I live, but I will say this: I live in a place that only the locals would know.
Mother's name? Melanie.
Nickname? SA, Sassy {what Clark used to call me when he was little}, tiny & all of the little person jokes nicknames you can think of.
Overnight hospital stays? Once when I was little, I believe.
Pet peeves? Blogs that make every day sounds like a walk in the park. Let's be real, people! Oh, and chewing gum; can't stand that either.
Quote from a movie? Marty: "Oh, this is heavy." Doc: "Heavy, heavy...There's that word again! Tell me, is there something wrong with the earth gravitational field in the future?" Back to the Future, baby. Respect the classics.
Right or left handed? Righty!
Siblings? One little bro, Clark.
Underwear? Um, yes. How do people NOT wear them?!
Vegetables you hate? Eggplant & mushrooms. One's bitter and one's rubbery; yuck!
What makes you late? The computer, chores, other people that aren't ready to go...take your pick.
Xrays you've had? None.
Yummy food you make? Pumpkin cookies...if there is one thing I want to be remembered by, it's my pumpkin cookies.
Zoo animals? Elephants, giraffes, otters, and lions {duh!}. Although I've never been to a zoo before

So what do you think, readers? Was that fun or just enough about random things about me? If you'd like to participate  link up in the comments so I can read your ABC's post, please!!


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