mid-week ramblings

Happy middle of the week readers! Am I the only one that has a love/hate relationship with Wednesday since, hello! the week is only half over? But then again, you've got the weekend to look forward to. Yeah, I'd totally say it's a love/hate relationship for me.

Since about a million thoughts are running through my head, I needed to get them out, so on the blog they go. Get ready for random, my friends.

{1} Lauren, Lauren, Lauren.  ::shakes head:: First you & Ilene get me hooked on Bones, then you go and write a post all about why you love Doctor Who. So, naturally, I Netflix'd {totally a word, mind you} & what do ya know? it's available to watch Instantly! I clicked, I watched, I fell in love with the show.

Man, oh, man this show is addicting solely because it's just so unrealistic. I mean, 5 billion years into the future? The earth being shield from the sun because it's expanding? Totally awesomespice, to quote Lauren. If you'd like to know more about the show, read her amazing post HERE. You won't be sorry.

{2} Party planning...it's what's happening over here at my house. Clark's 13th birthday party is going to be Amazing Race themed, complete with challenges and the works, so we're trying to work on the details without him really knowing what's going on. It's hard, but so fun because we get to work in secret; a test to see if we can do things without the snoop finding out.

{3} Day in the Life {in pictures} is in the works. Maddie inspired me with her twist on the regular ol' day in the life {just words with a couple of random pictures} by letting the photos do the talking. I documented most of my day today, so with a couple extra pictures of the things I do everyday thrown in there, it should be up next week! Hold me to that date, mkay? And the best part? I'm doing both the wordy AND the pictures version so we can compare them...because I'm a goober like that. ;)

{4} Misquitoes. Ya'll, they are everywhere...In fact, it's an epidemic since the hurricane and they are doing aerial sprays of insecticides at night to try and combat them. Don't get too close because I'm sure we all reek of bug spray. The bad part? It doesn't even touch the bugs.

 Apparently, there was one just going to town on my left middle finger and right ankle. Um, ouch? I think I'm having an allergic reaction because it's swollen up to twice it's size & it hurts to bend it. :( Looks like I'll be icing it & taking a Benadryl tonight.

**UPDATE** My finger is fine today {Thursday}; still hurts to move it though. It's my foot that giving me a problem...it feels like someone punched it repeatedly and there is a bruise underneath the skin. Ow! I'm sure ya'll where on the edge of your seats for that latest installment.

Happy Wednesday ya'll!


  1. Well I'm glad to hear you love Bones - isn't it a great show!?

  2. Well deary, I think that today is Friday! Or maybe I missed something? :)

    Clark's party sounds like fun! Where's my invitation? :)

  3. Well my goodness... you did post it on Wednesday! How is it that I'm just now seeing it? :P