sea blue = ocean memories

Second outfit post, readers! I'm still getting the hang of posing & titles for my outfit posts, so bear with me, mkay?

{shirt} Target {dress} Borrowed from Mama's closet; Dragonfly Import {Belt} Grandmothers

Ah, the beach. This dress just reminds of the beach...both the overall look of the outfit AND that I got it at our favorite beach shop, Dragonfly Imports. Lot's of memories from this year's vacation and years past came flooding back when I slipped it on...I felt like I should've been pacing the beach in this outfit. ;) Love the blues and the fabric pattern of the dress as well! 

Still loving the outfit posts, readers? Sound off in the comments...your opinions matter. Also, I edited the pictures in this post...overdone & OK? I need editing help, that's for sure!

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