it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

Around here, we try to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas, including (be certainly not limited to): listening to Christmas music, Christmas shopping, and getting our Christmas tree decorated. It's just our way of not giving into the hoopla associated with Christmas. Yes, we're rebels in our minds at least.

BUT. This year we couldn't wait and decided to buy the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was totally down with that. We hit a couple bumps along the way, like ::ahem:: we don't have a truck anymore. Thus, we'd have to be one of those people who drive around town going oh so slow as to keep the tree on top of the roof. All I could envision was something like this Allstate commerical:

Hahaha.::wipes tears from eyes:: OK. Maybe not that extreme but you get my point.

The second thing that happened was the tree pickings were slim this year. Literally. The trees where so skinny they resembled me. We went to 3 different Food Lions before we found a good tree. Most of ya'll would say that's quite a trek but in our town FL's are so common there's 3 within 10 miles of each other.

Where's Waldo Clark?
They are so creeper-ish! But I still love them.

Mama was the official tree inspector.

Strapping the tree onto the car wasn't an easy task. I just watched while Clark and Dad did the heavy lifting. & yes, that's a Sonic cup in the backseat. Mama had to have her Happy Hour fix.

Since we had a football game to go watch with the Bannings {ECU's last game, hence all the pirates apparel}, we got home late and didn't get a chance to put it up that night. If I remember correctly, it stayed in the garage all night & then we put it before church on Sunday.

It's a forest in there!

Wielding the chain saw to cut that puppy's trunk down. Also? Look at Clark's pants; they are PJ's. We are super classy like that.

The tree went up on Sunday and we finally got around putting up lights up tonite night. Mama is in charge of the lights, and it's slow going but I love watching the tree come together.

Butter was into the lights. Like, literally INTO the lights.


Yeah, I got a little snap happy with the lights. Sorry about that.

She only got a little farther that this before she quit. Ha!
Ending this post with a favorite of the night...

Happy Monday! You're almost halfway through the week...give yourself a pat on the back.

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