almost wordless wednesday {trimming the tree}

After the tree had all its lights on, we decorated it. DUH.

While I think themed trees are amazing & I admire those who do that, I love love love our homey tree. Each year we get an ornament that represents that year, and along with Mom & Dad's ornaments from their childhood, and our tree is FULL this year. It looks so amazing & tells a story, so I'm not complaining.

See? Lots o' ornaments!

Butter was totally into the decorating. NOT.
Since I actually know how to manipulate my camera, I got decent shots of the ornaments on the tree. I was pleased with myself for sure.

My very first ornament.

A fave of everyone's. Dad got it in Africa.

Yes, we have an ECU football helmet ornament. We are hardcore like that.

Finally! All decked out in it's tinkly lights glory. This brings me so much joy.

Happy Wednesday, readers!

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  1. Those pics are awesome! I need to stop being lazy and learn how to use my camera!