scenes from the weekend

Busy, busy us. The only way I know how to tell what happened over the weekend is to summarize it in my "scenes from the weekend" posts. Do ya'll enjoy them? Because I aim to please.

{Friday 12.16}

We just can't live without our CBS friends. Even though the last day of CBS was the day before, we scheduled a Christmas party at the assistant Children's Director's house. It was a fun time had by all, and it was nice to NOT talk about CBS & dirty diapers for once :)

The decorations were amazing. Miss Jeanette outdid herself; her place was so festive!

It's become public knowledge that I'm a bokeh addict. It's just SO prettyyy <3

Mr. Pete relaxing in the recliner after a great meal. If he hadn't snagged the seat so quickly, I'd would've been in there chillin...it looked SO comfy.

Bunny lamp <3

There I go with the Christmas trees again! I'm sorry, ya'll.

{Saturday 12.17}

Hehehe I can't tell you what we did...other than hang around & be lazy on our Christmas break! It's a surprise that will be revealed in due time ;) 

{Sunday 12.18}
One of our long-time homeschooling friends host an annual ladies Christmas tea. It had been awhile since I was on the list, but over the summer I got the chance to grow closer to both Annagrace & MK (which you might remember their beautiful faces from this post) and was SO excited to get a chance to particapte in the party. Even though tea parties aren't my cup of tea (see what i did there? i'm so punny.) I really enjoyed myself! Thanks for the sweet memories, ladies!

Everything was just SO festive. I was all "CHRISTMASSS. Let's do this!!"

Christmas china?! Totally awesome.

They had two forks, a knife, and a spoon. I freaked and asked Kaley for help.

Even though regular ol' black decaf tea is my favorite, I also loved the Gingerbread Sleigh Ride I had there.

The spread.


We're such nerds. But I love her anyways <3

That large hole in my dessert plate held angel food cake...I was just SO eager to eat it I forgot to take a picture until it was ALL gone.
I just couldn't resist ya'll.

After the tea party, we loaded up our car with MK & Emily, then went off to WOL. That particular night was the Christmas party and we had pizza, went caroling at a local nursing home, and did a little gift exchange to end the night. While everything was so fun, I really liked going to the home & seeing the residents singing along with us, following us around in the wings, and waving as we went by the rooms.

How was YOUR weekend readers?! Do tell.

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