hello monday {28}

{hello monday}

{hello after Christmas crash}
{hello after 9:30AM wake up call}
{hello lying around}
{hello WOL Quiet Times}
{hello childhood breakfast of a brown sugar poptart}
{hello chores}
{hello web surfing}
{hello playing with the pup}
{hello PB sandwich with apple for lunch while rewatching Doctor Who}
{hello afternoon watching Bullet for Clark [he went into town with Mama]}
{hello cleaning up puppy spills}
{hello fire}
{hello 2 hour puppy nap & blog design working}
{hello refreshing Dr. Pepper}
{hello laundry}
{hello Mama & Clark with FOOD}
{hello singing along with my new shower radio}
{hello dinner}
{hello Netflix watching on my New Kindle Fire ::squeee::}
{hello second game of Yatzee}
{hello blogging}
{hello rerun of Castle with the family}
{hello Hunger Games reading [book review coming AS SOON as I finish]}
{hello lights out}

{hello monday}


This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


  1. Okay...crap...I really want a brown sugar poptart now. I forgot how much I love those.

  2. haha yes...this definitely defines it.