the Help {movie & book review}

 {Book Review}

If you haven't heard of this book/movie by now, you must live under one huge rock...Everywhere you turn you're bombarded with the Help's success both on & off the silver screen. It's such a wildly popular movie! That, coupled with the fact that I love love love books that are made into movies & comparing them to each other, I knew that I had to give both the book and the movie a shot. And, of course, share it with you readers :)

I first heard about the book even before the movie was announced & wanted to give reading it a try, but didn't buy the book until I saw it at Sam's Club for less than ten dollars. Score!

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I loved the book...one of the best I've read in a while. Sure, it was so super sad & I felt so bad for the characters at times, but it was lighthearted as well...gave you an insight to what it was like back then when the help was just that: the help. Never to be thought of unless you needed something. That and so many others things made me realize WHY this book is a bestseller. You'll have to read it for yourself...

The only downside that I had with the book AND the movie was the language ::sigh:: Of course they had to throw it in there, but I guess it's just something we have to deal with as Christians, am I right? I'd just be reading along and BAM! they use God's name in vain, totally out of context if that's even possible {because when it is OK to curse our God? never, that's when}. There was other language, but nothing like the Fword...in all honesty, those words don't bother me as much as when someone uses God's name in vain.

In fact, I was so taken aback by it that I stopped reading the book for a little while, intending on returning it. But I felt like I needed to give it a second shot and I'm so glad I did! If you can get past the language, it's an awesome read!!

{Movie Review}

Samantha & I both wanted to go to the movie but since we knew it was going to be crazzzyyy opening weekend {not to mention the fact that we were both down at the beach that particular Friday and everything is more expensive at the beach}, we decided to wait a little longer. Scheduling conflicts kept us away from the movie theater, but we finally got to go see it, along with Emily!

I loved it. Like, as much as the book! It was great...so emotional & the characters were portrayed excellently. Emma Stone is awesome, as are Viola Davis & Bryce Dallas Howard.

And again, the language was the only drawback to the movie. GD, the Sword and the Fword made their appearance numerous times. The only drawback in my opinion.

So what are you waiting for? Go rent the Help!!

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