christmas break, baby!

Update: I got an A in the horrible English class. That little letter makes me almost as happy as the fact that it's Christmas time. Almost. 

As a homeschooler, we have the freedom to choose when we want to start school, take breaks, etc. Since my dad is a teacher at the local community college, we usually follow his schedule so we can enjoy the same days off. The only downside to that is we start earlier than most...second week in August is the norm. However, we get done with the school year earlier than most. Totally worth it to be free a month before the public schoolers.

Even though Dad doesn't get time off from his full time teaching job until Friday afternoon, thus beginning his Christmas break, I decided that once I submitted my final paper for quite possibly the worst class I've ever taken {English 111 isn't bad, but it is when you had a teacher like mine} I was DONE. So, as of right now as I'm typing these very words, I am free. Free, free, free! I could not be more thrilled that Christmas break has begun!

Here's to Christmas movies {finally going to watch It's a Wonderful Life in it's entirety!}, singing Christmas carols, reading our advent story, and admiring our Christmas tree. Oh, & there's bound to be non-Christmas related shtuff like sleeping in, reading the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, board games with the family, Instant Netflix browsing, and lots of time with family & friends.

Happy Monday readers. Amid the wrapping paper and Christmas cookies, let's remember that without Jesus, there would be no Christmas. He's the reason for the season {yes, I totally had to throw a cliche saying in there. some people say it WAY better than I do}.

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