hello monday {26}

{hello monday}

{hello on time wake up [without an alarm. i am awesome]}
{hello vitamin C packet for scratchy throat}
{hello Quiet Time about the amazing man Daniel}
{hello computer rountine [check the twitters, scan my blog reader, and emails. oh yeah, and a little Pinterest to inspire me through the day]}
{hello morning of work on my Penn State paper for ENG 111}
{hello Doctor Who episode [I love Matt Smith, but David Tennant will always be my favorite Doctor]} 
{hello potato soup for lunch}
{hello watching Doctor Who Weakest Link on YouTube}
{hello 2 Peter precepts study}
{hello Tim Tebow book [thiiisss close to finishing]}
{hello Anatomy reading [on the nerves. amazing how God designed those tiny things to do such big tasks]}
{hello 1 little lesson in Alegbra 2}
{hello hot shower and radio playing [i sing in the shower. loudly.]}
{hello leftovers for dinner}
{hello silly texting with the cousin}
{hello Pirates 4 with my boys}
{hello break to read our Advent story and take pictures}
{hello more Pirates}
{hello blogging [while watching the movie. i'm good at multitasking.]}
{hello FUN Castle episode [Castle and Beckett are just so cute together <3]}
{hello Hunger Games chapter}
{hello early wake up call}

{hello monday}


This post was inspired by the one and only Lisa Leonard. If you'd like to take part in this blogging meme, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Don't forget to link up in Lisa's comments as well!


  1. waking up at the right time without an alarm makes me feel like a super hero. great post! :D

  2. i did Beth Moore's Daniel study a few years ago and learned so much! it's great.

    i forgot about vitamin c packets. it's a good season to remember those helpful things. : )

  3. Cute post!! Just found your blog..love the way you write. :)