bullet's story

While the idea of a puppy was a total surprise to you guys, it was something that had been in the air ever since Clark was little. We even went as far as to rescue a bro/sis duo from the local animal shelter only to realize we had NO idea what they were going to be (expect for the obvs Lab features).

Turns out, the male had great dane and the girl could jump 5 feet in the air & when Clark said "dog" he meant "dog that would be little as long as he lived". It's hard to figure out what a 4 year old wants. Due to many reasons, we had to surrender them to the humane society after 7 years, and we missed the 100 lb teddybear & the spastic girl.

The idea of a puppy that would stay small throughout it's adult years remained on the back burner, and when Clark began to research what breed we should get, we knew that we were going to get a puppy. Lots of late night Google searches and visits to look at litters lead us to a breeder about an hour away. We honestly didn't get a good feeling about the breeders & their conditions for the puppy, but we didn't rule them out.

A week went by and while we had several little road trips to look at other litters, we felt lead to go "rescue" this one black male puppy that loved on us from the very beginning...and so, on Christmas Eve Eve Eve, we welcomed Bullet into our home.

Yeahhh...I took this picture & knew he was ours.

Puppy fight...it there be anything cuter?!

Even though we knew which one we wanted, we made sure to give every puppy attention.

The runt of the litter. I loved on him the most because he would just get trampled by the others.
The day we got him, a week from when we first met Bullet.

Today we took him to the vet and he made all the ladies swoon. He's such a cutie. <3
Funny story: he honestly can't control his legs very well and when he stood on the metal table, he just slid down into a Superman post.

Hangin' on the floor.

While he has accidents, he's getting the hang of telling us he needs to go, and he LOVES to play outside after he's gone to the bathroom. His name suits him...he runs as fast as his little legs will take him.

And eating dandelions is a top priotirty as well.

So that's Bullet's story. He always feels like he's been part of our family and we honestly love this little pup & his snuggles SO MUCH.