Bible Study Christmas Party

Last Thursday my Bible Study group had our annual Christmas partay. BUT! To shake things up we decided to forego all the sugary snacks {i know, i was like "say wha?!"} and go out to eat instead. Chili's it was!

When I got there, I was almost late and was expecting everyone to be waiting to chew me out, but it was just Miss Lorraine & Kelly, sitting all by their lonesome. The rest of the troupe went across the parking lot to Target with Anna, Miss Lorraine's daughter. Everyone came back & we took a ridiculous amount of pictures {with flash!} in a small space with others. I'm such a deer in the headlights when it comes to taking pictures with flash that I was the one that caused all the re-do. Good times.

We talked and talked and then BOOM! I smelled something funk-ay and all burnt, so I turn around to find a rag on the heating vent. One whole corner was black & it was dark else I could say for sure I saw a little steam coming off of it. Emily said I saved the day...and I didn't deny it.

Ohhh, Kelly. <3
Veronica + Miss Lorraine

Anna being a creeper.
There were cameras EVERYWHERE. Okay...only three. But still, they were all one end of the table so we got a little snap happy.

While we were waiting for our food, we decided to go head with our tacky gift exchange. It's a tradition in Miss Lorraine's studies to exchanges some of the most off the wall gifts, like a singing Elvis stocking OR ::duh duh duh:: THE PIG.

Basically, the pig came into existence years back, and believe me...it is the ugliest thing ever. Creepy & tacky too. It went to a different home each year & when went missing for a couple years. It made it back into our Bible Study circle and Miss Lorraine screamed when she got it {which was last year}. We all knew the pig was coming back this year, but no idea WHO would get it.

Miss Lorraine always gives the best little gifts...these snowman mugs AND stripey socks were so cute <3
The gift-giving herself with all the loot:

Veroncia is ADORBS, no?
Emily was the next to last person to get a gift and no one had gotten the pig yet, so it was a no-brainer she was going to get it. I saw a little bit of red fluff and it was all over at that point. Everyone started freaking out that Emily was the one to get it!
A creeper {Anna again} in a creepy pig picture. Ha!
While the pig was the best gift in her own, um, creepy way MY gift was definitely the best! And I'm not even biased.  Everyone fell in love with Bart {short for Bartholomew}, the Sing-a-ma-jig. He harmonzies, just talks random words in his own language, and sings "Clementine". Thank you Kamilla for Bart! <3

See? He was totally the life of the party. We even creeped out our server out because when he came to take our orders he said "WHOA! Did that thing just move it's mouth?!" Totally priceless.

We ended the night with amazing food {Chili's doesn't disappoint...try their Chicken Club Quesadillas} & fellowship. I love my Bible Study girls so much!

Happy Thursday readers! Tomorrow's Friday; it's practically the weekend.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome time! :) I LOVE those sing-a-ma-jig things, they're so adorable!!!