happy birthday Simply Sarah-Anne!

Wow, time flies doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday I was pulling together Etsy sellers & writing up the giveaway posts for my first blogoversary celebration, waiting in anticipation to see who won what giveaway. But in reality, that was a year ago and you're 2 now. So, happy birthday Simply Sarah-Anne! Here's to many more blogoversaries over the coming years. 


Yes, I just wrote a birthday post on my blog FOR my blog and yes, I realize that I do the same thing with human friends. I'm certifiably crazy and you can commit me to the mental institution now.

But, this blog connects me to my human (blogging) friends and I'm so grateful for that. Simply Sarah-Anne is like that mutual friend that introduced you and your best friend. Through my blog I've met so many inspiring, Christian, gorgeous (Yes, I just pulled the beauty card, but I seriously follow all the blogs that have the prettiest authors out there.) bloggers. Is it possible to be in debt to something that's not alive? Because I am forever in debt to my blog for leading me to all these wonderful ladies.

This blog means friendship to me and through that I'm encouraged on a daily basis, both in my walk with Christ and life in general. I hope it means the same to you and my readers stick around for another year...and another and another and another. 

In addition to the friends I've made, I've grown as a writer and challenged myself in so many ways. From my photography (I bought a DSLR and just this year, switched to shooting in all Manual), outfits (I used to wear blah stuff over and over again no matter what), and projects (like i said, inspiring people inspire you) I've grown so much. Call it peer pressure, but it works for me...seeing someone else do something so I can take the plunge and do it yourself.

So, happy birthday to Simply Sarah-Anne. Here's to many more friendships to be made and blog posts to be written!


  1. happy birthday to your beautiful blog!

    i have no idea when i wrote my first post. lol. maybe i should check into that.

  2. Wow! Happy birthday Simply Sarah-Anne! Time sure does fly!

  3. Happy belated birthday to Simply Sarah-Anne! I can't believe it's been 2 years! :)

  4. happy blogday! you are SUCH a ray of sunshine and i am so happy to internet-know you. heart!

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful blog :)

    And yes "wispers" i am team Peeta :) EeEEP! :)

  6. I meant to leave a comment when I first read this, but oops, I forgot. However, I do want to tell you that I'm so glad you're celebrating this milestone, and I definitely agree with Keight's comment: you are truly a ray of sunshine. Thanks for your blogging friendship!!! I'm looking forward to a face-to-face meeting someday. :)

  7. aww... the happiest birthday to your blog :)